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Since 1954, New England builders have trusted Reliable Truss, a division of National Lumber, for all their structural elements. We are experts in wood trusses, structural components, and materials. Reliable Truss is also a leading distributor of Boise Cascade wood I-Joists and beams.

For both residential and commercial projects, we design and manufacture wood roof trusses, wall panels, timber trusses, and floor panels.

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Custom roof truss designed and built by Reliable Truss

Design and Manufacturing

Pictured is one of fourteen heavy trusses that puts the scale of this project into perspective (notice the men under the truss, inside the red circle). This project was extremely challenging from engineering to design to fabrication and shipping. This is the type of project that separates National Lumber and Reliable Truss from the rest of the competition.

Design & Manufacturing Presentation (PDF)

Eyebrow dormer installation

Custom Prefab

We can design, manufacture, and ship prefabricated cupolas, dormers, pergolas, gazebos, and porticos. Find out more about our Custom Pre-Fabrication abilities from our PDF brochure.

Custom Pre-Fabrication Brochure (PDF)

Parents hiking with their children

Green Building Materials

Going Green is about protecting the environment for our children. For the National Lumber Family of Companies, Green has a significant purpose, and that is to promote a real and meaningful environmental impact on the way we run our business and promote our products to our customers. 

Reliable Truss offers Green Building Materials. Learn more about what that means for you.

Using Structural Building Components