Green Building Materials Overview

Why should you use structural building components like roof trusses, wall panels, floor trusses, and/or pre-cut framing packages in your next project?

Over sixty percent of homes built in the U.S. use structural building components. Components have revolutionized light-framed construction since their inception in 1952.

If your project is a LEEDs points project, using preassembled components will maximize the amount of points you can earn. This will help you achieve the upper levels of certification as LEEDs Gold or Silver

Learn how you can save using manufactured components

Framing the American Dream (from the SBCA)

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Dedication to Recycling symbol

Dedication to Recycling

Reliable Truss and National Lumber are dedicated to recycling wood, metal, paper, and plastic products.

See diagrams of the lifecycle of each of these products here.

We also have them available as separate printable PDFs: Wood, Metal, Paper, and Plastic.