Truss & Wall Panel Design and Manufacturing

As experts in wood trusses since 1954, we design & manufacture every type of truss, wall panels and floor panels you need for your project.

Reliable Truss and Components is set apart from the competition by excellence in sales, production, and service. The building process runs smoothly for our customers because we have innovative solutions to builders' problems "under one roof" and with "one phone number." Included with our staff of over 30 component designers is two registered engineers which means that we not only can conceptualize solutions, but we can also immediately validate them.

By offering higher quality and more feature-rich products than our competition, at competitive prices, we enable our customers to bring their projects in on time and in budget. This is possible through our large investment in high-production automated equipment, facilities to house it, design support staff to fuel it and sales staff with the construction experience necessary to guarantee quality coordination from start to finish of your project.

Aerial View of Newbridge on the Charles Project

Prefabricated Components

All prefabricated component items from quote through delivery are available from Reliable Truss. Our approach gives us the advantage of offering a unified plan to designing a complete component package.

If you have ever worked in the past with numerous designers (a roof truss designer, a wall panel designer, a floor truss designer, and/or an I-Joist designer, and possibly all at different vendors) and had to coordinate their work, you will quickly appreciate how much more efficient it is to have our design staff internally coordinating all necessary design work for your project.

A cohesive component design package with minimum burden placed on you, the customer, is the outcome.

Timber truss in shop

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities represent Reliable's commitment to excellence in providing our customers with additional solutions.

With a commitment to full automation, the manufacturing facility is outfitted with equipment from MiTek, Holtec, Virtek, Monet DeSauw, and Hundegger.

See a slideshow tour of our manufacturing facilities

Multiple Product Lines

Our manufacturing facilities are capable of producing multiple product lines. Most of our competitors offer only one product or few choices. Reliable’s customers receive greater flexibility for their projects because our multiple product offerings are supported by a highly capable and innovative design and engineering staff.

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Wall Panels

Wood Trusses

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